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Enter the 2015 Liftoff Houston Business Plan Competition

Step 1:You must first create an account on this website. Click "signup". (Once you completed creating account the website should send you a confirmation email to confirm you have a working email.)
Step 2: Complete the "Application" for the competition located on your dashboard once you login. (Applicants who create an account but do not complete an application by July 24th, 2015 will not be eligible for the competition.) 

Applications open July 1, 2015
Applications will close July 24, 2015


Liftoff Houston, the City of Houston's 2nd annual business plan competition is coming up! This entrepreneurial initiative aims to empower Houstonians with business literacy education and mentorship to start their own business while contributing to the local growth and sustainability of the Houston economy.

To be eligible, applicants must be in the start-up phase of their business which means they must be in operation for less than one year with revenue of less than $10,000, and must live in the Houston city limits with their business in the Houston city limits. Capital One Bank is the key sponsor for this event providing cash prizes totaling $30,000.
The competition will take place in four stages – orientation, workshop, mentoring, and presentation, over a 6 month period. Applicants will participate in a myriad of workshops ranging from business plan basics to raising capital, as well as information sessions on essential City of Houston business resources available through the Houston Public Library (HPL) and the City's Office of Business Opportunity (OBO.) The goal is to enable individuals to successfully research and develop their business plan.  Applicants will also receive additional support from professional mentors from SCORE Houston and Capital One Bank to further refine the business plan for submission.

This year there will be three award categories: Product, Service, and Innovation.

  1. ​$10,000 – Awarded for top “Product” Based Business Plan (Retail, resale, merchandise, etc.)
  2. $10,000 – Awarded for top “Service” Based Business Plan (Food, labor, consulting, etc.)
  3. $10,000 – Awarded for top “Innovation” Based Business Plan (Software, Hardware, inventions, new market businesses, etc.)

A winner from each award category will receive $10,000 cash prize along with in-kind prizes.

Mandatory orientations will be given to provide interested individuals with detailed information about the competition including rules, resources, and the process to compete. Multiple sessions of the orientation will be offered at designated Houston Public Library locations citywide.  


Applications open July 1, 2015
Applications will close July 24, 2015

The competition is a collaborative effort between Office of Business Opportunity, the Houston Public Library, and Capital One Bank, and is designed to engage and empower Houstonians seeking to start a business using the robust resources of the City of Houston.  The path to launching your business starts with Liftoff Houston!
The competition will be held at designated Liftoff Houston Locations.

To be eligible, applicants must be in the start-up phase of their business and only in operation for less than one year and with revenue of less than $10,000, must live in Houston city limits and plan to open their business in Houston. Please see competition rules & eligibility for more details.
Liftoff Houston offers workshops series to non competing individuals to help create a business plan and start their business!
 Non-competition participants and ineligible contestants can participate by emailingLiftoff Houston at 

Liftoff Houston/ Houston Business Solutions Center
611 Walker St, Lobby
Houston, TX 77002
Telephone: 832-393-0953

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